Family life

Young person's face peeping through Christmas paraphernalia of decorations, ribbon and pine branches

Why Christmas Isn’t for Everyone

Christmas can bring increased pressures on families and make other difficulties more heightened. In contrast to the adverts at this time of year, for some it’s a sensory bombardment, or a stressful build-up, or a confusing time of conflicting beliefs.

A collection of false moustaches on sticks

Movember: Men’s mental health 

Research shows that men are less likely to access therapy or confide in friends or family about mental health. An introduction on how to get past taboos and continue the important conversation that has begun to emerge about men’s mental health.

Students sitting at single desks in a line, in exam conditions.

How to help your teenager with exam stress

Exam time can be full of stress and it can be hard to know how to support your teenager through these pressures. Some young people will struggle with anxieties about how to perform well, while others will deal with the stress through avoidance. What can you do to help your child during this challenging time?

How come everyone else is getting parenting right?

As parents, we are naturally focused on our children. When feeling self-critical about our parenting, or worrying about our children, it can be helpful to remember that the lens we use to view our own children is a much more focused one than the one we use when we view others. And that subconscious emotional responses to our children’s behaviour might also be at play.

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