Our impact

Our evidence-led approach brings positive changes for young lives across Bristol and beyond.

Achievements in 2021/22

We bring the best help to the most vulnerable, changing the lives of disadvantaged children who face mental health difficulties.

Last year (2022/23), our impact across Bristol and the Southwest included:

children and young people helped
clinical sessions offered
partner schools supported throughout the year
additional schools given ad hoc support

Following Bridge in Schools therapeutic interventions, children show

Increased ability to think about and manage difficult feelings

Improved relationships with both peers and adults

Better emotional resilience and greater self-confidence

Our specialist support improves mental health for young people with complex needs who are not eligible for statutory provision.

The impact

The data we collect shows consistent improvements in children’s emotional and behavioural symptoms, following therapy. This includes reductions in:

Emotional Symptoms​

Conduct Difficulties


Peer relationship problems

Partner with us to provide early intervention support for vulnerable children.

How we evaluate success

The positive impacts of psychotherapy on children and young people with mental health difficulties and trauma are well-established and widely recognised.

We have developed the successful Bridge in Schools model over a decade of working within the school environment; collecting results across a range of established clinical outcomes measures and using these to work in highly targeted ways.

Our established data set shows that we continue to make a consistently positive impact on children’s wellbeing despite rising levels of mental health severity and complexity.

Results also show that school staff are more confident in supporting pupils with complex needs and parents are more able to understand and respond to the needs of their children.

The Bridge are leaders in child and family mental health​

Why it matters

Our own experience and data show steady increases in childhood mental health issues over the last 10 years, especially in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.

1 in 6

children found to have clinically diagnosable mental health problems (NHS 2020)

up 50%

clinically significant mental health conditions since 2017 (NHS 2020)


long-term mental health problems begin before age 14*


heavy impact on young people suffering pre-existing disadvantages (Mind 2021)

With the right support, children’s lives can be brought back on track.

*Kessler et al, Archives of General Psychiatry 2005

What schools and families say

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