Bridge Psychotherapy Services

Our clinicians are trained at specialist level in psychotherapy and/or child and adolescent development and mental health.

Our expert team

Our expert team includes psychotherapists, psychologists, a psychiatrist, and therapists specialising in art, music, and drama therapy, all qualified to Masters level with comprehensive training. With years, often decades, of experience, they adhere to a strict clinical governance framework. They also engage in ongoing professional development and rigorous in-house training programmes.

Anita Bradford
Audrey James
Beth Jones
Bridget Salter
David Croshaw
Deborah Barkham
Georgina Taylor
Guy Baring
Heather Mora
Jinny Paige
Judith Ducker
Kate Burn
Liz Wagner
Lucy Hubbard
Phil Butter
Pia Menzies
Rowena Mahmud
Sally Gamble
Laurel Korologou-Linden
Ella Hughes
Tom Young
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