How we can support your school

We partner with local schools and embed our highly qualified therapists within pastoral care teams to provide our early intervention support.


The flexible range of Bridge in Schools (BiS) services benefits children, teachers, parents and whole schools through:

Here’s how our services work for whole school communities:

Children and young people:

Our embedded work, delivered from within a place of safety and familiarity for the child, supports vulnerable and at-risk children struggling with complex needs or suffering from trauma. Our in-depth therapy helps children to manage challenging emotions and experiences, learn ways to interact better with peers and adults, and develop enhanced coping strategies so that they gain in confidence and self-esteem, and build resilience. Stabilising and improving mental health difficulties, and working with the causes behind behavioural issues, we help children to access their learning better, participate more fully in their education, and enjoy life more.

Teachers and staff:

We help teachers to build the confidence and understanding to support students with complex needs. We also provide a space for staff to explore the impact of working with vulnerable young people; building their own emotional resilience and ability to cope with the pressures of their role.

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Pastoral support and leadership teams:

Bridge in Schools therapists become an integral part of the school’s pastoral care, working with all aspects of the school’s wellbeing strategy to ensure a strengthened and joined-up approach. School and pastoral leads benefit from our whole-school strategies for emotional wellbeing, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each school.


We offer parent support sessions and a parent counselling service to help parents explore the challenges of parenting a child with emotional or behavioural difficulties. Through this work, parents feel more able to understand, and respond to, their child’s needs. By providing this bridge between home and school we help to sustain the positive changes brought by the therapy.

The whole school:

Our whole-school approach and flexible range of services help school leadership and pastoral teams identify specific areas of challenge and develop emotional wellbeing strategies for the broader school community.

What schools and families say

Mental health expertise

Our therapists are experienced at collaborating closely with pastoral and leadership teams to work with all aspects of school wellbeing strategies to ensure a joined-up approach to whole school mental health, shown to be fundamental for supporting young people (UCL & Anna Freud NCCF 2021).

Children and families see highly trained staff, rarely to be found outside specialist NHS services or costly private clinics. We are uncompromising about maintaining this level of expertise, so that the best help is there for the most vulnerable.

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