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The secondary school transition

For children in year six, the secondary transition is already looming on the horizon, and may bring mixed feelings – whether consciously or unconsciously. Supporting them through these changes and helping to create a positive primary school ending can really help.

Adult and child sitting near each other, the adult looking at the child, who is concentrating on something they are busy with.

Therapy for children and how it helps

Our therapy team are child and adolescent experts, supporting children to make sense of whatever issues they are facing. But have you ever wondered how this works? Look inside our therapy sessions with this blog, which explains how we approach the therapeutic process with children.

Mother holds young baby in her arms and leans back against wall with her eyes closed, looking tired.

Alone with another

As humans, our babies are born more defenceless than any other animal, more vulnerable and more dependent. Being a mum can be hard, isolating and lonely. A supportive blog to validate the challenging aspects of raising an infant.

Young person's face peeping through Christmas paraphernalia of decorations, ribbon and pine branches

Why Christmas Isn’t for Everyone

Christmas can bring increased pressures on families and make other difficulties more heightened. In contrast to the adverts at this time of year, for some it’s a sensory bombardment, or a stressful build-up, or a confusing time of conflicting beliefs.

A collection of false moustaches on sticks

Movember: Men’s mental health

Research shows that men are less likely to access therapy or confide in friends or family about mental health. An introduction on how to get past taboos and continue the important conversation that has begun to emerge about men’s mental health.

Celebrity Eric Collins listens intently while sitting on a couch

Black Men on the Couch

Statistically the least likely of all groups to seek therapeutic support, and with a deeply entrenched culture of keeping difficulties concealed, what are some of the stigmas and barriers that black men face in seeking therapy?

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