Local leaders in mental health

We specialise in providing in-depth psychotherapeutic support, to make a difference to children, young people, and adults who are suffering mental health difficulties.

Help for adults and children

Our multidisciplinary team is equipped to support the mental health of children, young people, families, and adults from all backgrounds and experiences.

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The Bridge has provided in-depth therapeutic expertise to over 10,000 individuals since 1983.

Help for schools

We partner with schools across the Bristol region to co-create a mental health service that embeds qualified and experienced therapists into whole school wellbeing, to bring positive results in areas of need.

Through Bridge in Schools, children and families see highly trained staff rarely to be found outside specialist NHS services or costly private clinics.


The Bridge supports professionals to manage work involving complex situations and vulnerabilities. We provide our rich clinical expertise through commissioned referrals, supervision and training, and well-attended conferences. 

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The Bridge’s conferences, training and clinical expertise are highly reputed throughout professional networks in the region and nationally.

Our latest news

Read below for news and updates from our work:

Groups and events:

Groups for parents from £10 per session – spaces limited!

Parents of adolescents – Our popular parent group for parents/carers who are worried about their adolescent’s mental health runs termly. Read our flyer

Parents of neurodivergent children – A new group for parents/carers to explore experiences and emotions around parenting neurodivergent children. (<12 years, no diagnosis necessary). Read our flyer.

The Bridge in the media:

New book: Jung’s Shadow Concept

We are excited to see this edited volume published, with a chapter contribution by one of our psychotherapists – ‘The Development of the Shadow in Childhood and Adolescence: Shadow Work: Maia’s Story’. This insightful collection is written for readers with an interest in the inner world; examining how we all make the “other” through “projection”.

Getting it right:

The professional response to adult disclosures of childhood sibling sexual abuse. Watch one of our psychotherapists present on this emotive and important subject below.

Bridge in Schools newsletter:

Click here to read about our latest collaborations with our network of partner schools across the region.

Our Covid-19 response:

Our Covid-19 impact report from May 2021 reflects on how we adapted to the global pandemic during a time of widespread challenges and acute mental health needs.

Latest Blogs

We hope you find these informative and supportive. If there is an area that you would like to see us cover in future please get in touch – we are interested in your ideas and would like to hear from you.

Young person's face peeping through Christmas paraphernalia of decorations, ribbon and pine branches

Why Christmas Isn’t for Everyone

Christmas can bring increased pressures on families and make other difficulties more heightened. In contrast to the adverts at this time of year, for some it’s a sensory bombardment, or a stressful build-up, or a confusing time of conflicting beliefs.

A collection of false moustaches on sticks

Movember: Men’s mental health 

Research shows that men are less likely to access therapy or confide in friends or family about mental health. An introduction on how to get past taboos and continue the important conversation that has begun to emerge about men’s mental health.

Back of a young child's head, with their gaze fixed on bright but blurred TV images.

How to support children with processing disturbing news events

Suffering and pain of people experiencing atrocities around the world is difficult to process or make sense of. Practical advice to help with talking with your child about disturbing news events.

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