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Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy Service


What do we offer?
This service offers:

Brief counselling or longer term therapy

A preliminary meeting to help clarify difficulties and think about the most suitable option.


Who is the service for?
People come to counselling for a variety of reasons and this service is for those who may

Want help with a particular crisis
Feel anxious or depressed and are finding it hard to cope with the burdens of life
Experience an underlying sense of sadness or dissatisfaction
Have difficulty making or sustaining rewarding relationships
Find it hard to come to terms with a life change or loss
Lack confidence
Express emotional problems through physical symptoms
Concerns about sexuality

How can this service help?

Some people experience difficulties that can be resolved without outside help. However, for others, difficulties may persist causing unhappiness at home or at work. This may be because the current situation is stirring up deeper feelings the person is not consciously aware of. Counselling can help individuals to understand hidden aspects of themselves. In a reliable setting the person coming for help is encouraged to use the time for reflection and to speak about whatever is foremost on his or her mind. The therapist listens and helps the person to reach a deeper self-understanding, opening the way to change. As the relationship with the therapist evolves and insights unfold the individual discovers more satisfying ways of coping with problems and feelings.

How do I make an appointment?

This is a self referral service and you can contact the Bridge Foundation by telephone on 0117 9424510. You will be able to speak to the administrator or to leave your name and phone number on the answering machine and our administrator will ring you back within a few days.



We charge a fee of £60 per session.


Code of Conduct

Staff in all services adhere to the Bridge Foundationís policies and procedures, including a code on confidentiality, child protection and equal opportunities.


Who will I see?

All counsellors and psychotherapists at The Bridge Foundation are qualified and experienced professionals. All receive regular supervision and work to a professional code of ethics such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy; British Psychoanalytic Council, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and Association of Child Psychotherapists.



The Bridge Foundation provides a confidential setting. No information will be disclosed to anyone outside the agency without your permission except in certain rare situations where there is serious concern about the safety of someone, although wherever possible this will be discussed with you first.


Equal Opportunity

We are committed to providing high quality services and continue to strive to offer accessible services to everyone regardless of race, class, culture, physical ability, religious belief or sexual orientation.


We have wheelchair access at many or our bases and will do what we can to make our service accessible to anyone with a disability. Requirements can be discussed with the administrator.


Concerns and Complaints  

Most people are satisfied with our services but if you have any concerns please speak with your therapist in the first instance.  If the matter is still unresolved you can write to the Director at the address on the contact us page. A copy of the Complaints procedure is available on request.


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